Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What are we doing?

Who is playing what first for Pokemon National Park? 
Are we decided on violin and not guitar?
When are we gonna meet up online to discuss important stuff?
Also I tacked on a tabel "play2" for all the posts related to or leading up to Pokemon National Park.


  1. I'm playing the cello part first, since it's the only part that plays throughout. I'll try to have a few takes done sometime this week. However, I cut my left hand middle finger last night so I'm letting it heal for a couple days.

    You can play either guitar or pizz violin when your turn comes. Just remember to play it an octave higher on the guitar.

  2. I <3 cello. Also, I'm practicing now. Altissimo range is yucky.

  3. ok, I will try to practice it, but it's kinda fast for me.