Sunday, March 27, 2011


Due to (foreseen) circumstances the deadline has been extended a week out, so april 2 is the final date to have a decent recording available

Download the current recording with only cello, violin, and drums

-A retake from Ein (trombone)
-Clarinet and flute part
-Someone who is good with mixing and mastering and other things to make it sound polished after it's done

What was done:
I went ahead and started fooling around with the timing of notes on all three tracks
it isn't 100% on target with the metronome, but at least it's more square and should be easier to record on top of, and the violin/drums/cello should generally match in timing except in subtle areas where I didn't think it mattered.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Current status

To keep us up to date here on national park's status:

  • Parts transcribed, trombone part added
  • Drum part recorded
  • Bass/cello part recorded
  • Trombone part recorded
  • Modest correction on trombone's final notes for the part Bs (changing B natural -> B flat)
  • Minor fixes on drum track, computer-fixed part B endings
  • Preparing to make some edits on timing in general (thxxx sonar le)
  • Waiting on clarinet/flute/violin
  • Violin bowing method is OK
  • Possible slight subtle mastering additions by way of synth (for enhancing!)
    Please keep up with the deadline because it's bad enough we've taken years to finish recording this already

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Next Songs

    It probably isn't wise to work on only one song at a time, considering we go in a certain order which means people that are finished do nothing. So discuss what our next song(s) shall be.

    I'm guessing we should go by the order in which we voted in the tournament, but we can always have alternatives. Thoughts?

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    So far, So good!

    Just an update: both the drum part and cello part are complete. You can listen to them here. We are still aiming for our March 26th deadline, so keep at it! Also we would like to welcome back Skullkid, who helped form vmusic when we just started out. She has agreed to play the violin part for National Park. Glad to have you back!