Friday, April 29, 2011

Fire Emblem Sheet Music

Jluvial has kindly finished the score for Fire Emblem. Make sure to let us know if your range is OK or not.

Serperior you are still down with doing the trumpet part right? As for the side song, we are in the final round of voting. Secret of Mana VS Guile's Theme. The poll will be open for 3 days. If you didn't get a part for Fire Emblem, you'll get one in the side song! Razgriz has kindly volunteered to do the score for whatever wins, if that is ok with everyone? Also, a formal welcome to our new members: Serperior (Trumpet), Omicron (Piano), Razgriz (Euphonium), & Pyoro (Clarinet).

Welcome, and now that we have sheet music, practice my friends!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly catch up

As far as I know:

1. Side-quest song not decided / in the process of being voted
2. Jluvial left to go to an anime convention
3. Fire Emblem is in progress of being arranged
4. Pokemon National Park is done but is still being tweaked?
5. There's many new people

This week I'm not doing any work in particular for vmusic, but I'm on IRC.
And I like this song(s)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Side Song Voting and New Recruits

Ok so lots of things have been going down lately. First we need to vote on the side song. The choices are as follows (everyone got to pick one song):

Street Fighter - Guile's theme -
Secret of Mana - What the forest taught me -
Croc Soundtrack: Adventure Begins -
Legend of Zelda OoT - Bolero of fire -
Final Fantasy Advent Children - Promised Land -

We are going to vote for one of these songs just like last time. The polling will open up on the blog when we agree on a time.  Also we have some new members that might be joining us. Just a reminder we always hang out in the irc (Usually after 8pm EST) - irc://

This roster will update as the voting progresses. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Y'all need to post what's up

...because it's hard to check up on what you're all doing and all.
I know I am awesome but I haven't gained the power to read minds just yet.

Let's try to make a habit of commenting or posting at least once a week.

Here's what I'm doing related to vmusic right now: 
1. Considering potential songs to play
2. lurking in IRC
3. Not practicing any specific song for vmusic right now

If you're doing nothing, leave a comment saying so. 
Otherwise, post what's on your mind about vmusic.

Here are some things under consideration:
1. What side-quest song are we going to work on, and who's in it?
2. Jluvial you had better man up and talk to us instead of avoiding us.
3. What is going on with the Fire Emblem song? Is it done? Who's working on it?

Friday, April 8, 2011

I just wanna play videogames (& videogame music)

So we have gotten a lot done lately. Everything except for trombone part has been recorded for National Park. Ein hopes to have the trombone part done by the end of the week. Next to be done is the mixing of all the recordings. Since the bulk of the recording is done, we have decided to move on to the next song.

There will be two songs recorded next round, a main song and a side song. This will allow people who have already recorded their part to move on to the next song. The main song has been decided to be:

Fire Emblem 7: Main Theme

Jluvial is working to get the sheet music for this arranged. The side song has not yet been decided upon, and any suggestions in the blog comments would be appreciated. It has been suggested that we do a smaller easier song for the side song. Someone also proposed duets and trios as a possibility. The sky is the limit. Also we are looking to recruit. Anyone have any ideas? Do we need to make some /v/ threads? We definitely need more of every instrument, especially a drummer and trumpet player. People who can only read tabs need not apply.