Friday, April 8, 2011

I just wanna play videogames (& videogame music)

So we have gotten a lot done lately. Everything except for trombone part has been recorded for National Park. Ein hopes to have the trombone part done by the end of the week. Next to be done is the mixing of all the recordings. Since the bulk of the recording is done, we have decided to move on to the next song.

There will be two songs recorded next round, a main song and a side song. This will allow people who have already recorded their part to move on to the next song. The main song has been decided to be:

Fire Emblem 7: Main Theme

Jluvial is working to get the sheet music for this arranged. The side song has not yet been decided upon, and any suggestions in the blog comments would be appreciated. It has been suggested that we do a smaller easier song for the side song. Someone also proposed duets and trios as a possibility. The sky is the limit. Also we are looking to recruit. Anyone have any ideas? Do we need to make some /v/ threads? We definitely need more of every instrument, especially a drummer and trumpet player. People who can only read tabs need not apply.


  1. try /soc/ maybe?

    Also, I wanna play What the Forest taught me (secret of mana)! (for obvious reasons :p)

  2. We have a "rough" version of National Park up. Just needs to be polished now with some editing. Anyone up to the task? Volunteers?

  3. I have been playing trumpet for 10 years and would love to help you guys out.

    Email me at with the details of recording with you guys please.