Monday, April 18, 2011

Y'all need to post what's up

...because it's hard to check up on what you're all doing and all.
I know I am awesome but I haven't gained the power to read minds just yet.

Let's try to make a habit of commenting or posting at least once a week.

Here's what I'm doing related to vmusic right now: 
1. Considering potential songs to play
2. lurking in IRC
3. Not practicing any specific song for vmusic right now

If you're doing nothing, leave a comment saying so. 
Otherwise, post what's on your mind about vmusic.

Here are some things under consideration:
1. What side-quest song are we going to work on, and who's in it?
2. Jluvial you had better man up and talk to us instead of avoiding us.
3. What is going on with the Fire Emblem song? Is it done? Who's working on it?


  1. I lol'd at side-quest song. I still think we should do one of the temple warp songs such as with skulls playing the ocarina and us playing over top of her part. It's nice and short and would sound good.

  2. That sounds like fun :3c
    We could do ALL OF THE warpsongs eventually.

    I really adore the Promised Land from Advent Children (yeah, yeah I know). But it's a beautiful song, also pretty short and simple. I'd like to offer this as our side-quest song.

    I feel like it would sound really good as a string quartet though, you see.

  3. Who's willing to arrange?
    I would volunteer but I can barely read sheet music as it is... OTL

  4. i found a pretty good arrangement for The Promised Land, so I'm working on making it for the proper instruments. <:3c

  5. since recording, i haven't done much related to vmusic aside from go on the IRC occasionally

    i'm fine with whatever music we we considering both the songs i suggested have been picked already.

  6. >aside from go on the IRC occasionally

    Implying you go on at all lol. Man we miss you :(

    We should vote on the secondary song soon so we know what's up. In fact we should probably all get in the irc and sort shit out (who is doing what).

  7. Haha, cute. You know who to blame for this one.

    I've been working on the score for Fire Emblem. The brass work which makes up the majority of the tune will now be played by strings. The violin will also take on the flute and oboe solos. Clarinet takes the original violin line, and trombone takes the bassoon line. Finally, percussion and harp are left to foppy.

    I might move a solo to the clarinet.

  8. lolwat the fire emblem theme is like a fanfare/march

    no jazz for you