Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are you a bad dude?

Deadline for Fire Emblem Approaching!

June 4th

Are you a bad enough dude to get your recording done?


  1. Sorry guys, but I won't be making it.
    I won't even be home until the 5th.

    Love, violin2.

  2. So you are going to record it when you get home then? It's just that the deadline has been in place for some time you know....

  3. ok skim, well we got someone else to take care of it anyways, so don't worry about it

  4. I've already got the violin part mixed in with my euphonium and so far so good.

    keep em coming guys

  5. wait, the euphonium is already completed? you coulda joined irc and told us dude, we'd been waiting on it

    that leaves you, ein, and serperior, as jluvial did his part last night, clarinet covered for pyoro as well as himself, and cloud/skullkid did violin II in lieu of skim

    i'm going to update my instrument set to include the alto sax since i just got it back from the shop, meaning i should be available for playing that on any other song

  6. Yeah Raz come on irc more you goof.