Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feel free to start recording!

Updates all up in this bitch.

Hey guys, lots to update you on. First of all, everyone can start recording Fire Emblem now. The sheet music is available here. Everyone is going to record their part separately this time. Feel free to record to the midi, as our piece is at the same tempo (120). Please try to use a metronome however! We also ask for editing sake leave 2 empty bars in the beginning of the recording. Once everyone has their parts done we will put it together and if everyone played at the right speed, then the song will sound ok. Record the song as a .wav file. If you need any advice on recording/equipment/programs, feel free to ask us in the irc. Use any microphone that you wish to record, you don't need top of the line equipment to do this. We are setting a deadline of June 4/11.

Here is who is playing what part:
Clarinet - ClarinetBro
Alto Sax - ClarinetBro
Trumpet - Serperior
Trombone - Ein
Euphonium - Razgriz
Violin I - Skullkid
Violin II - Skullkid
Bass - Jluvial
Harp (keyboard) - Foppy
Percussion - We are just going to use the midi

*Omicron: Jluvial tried to fit piano into the score but it just wasn't possible. Do you play another instrument at all? Also, since you don't get a chance to play in FE, we are going to score you into the side songs for sure. Are you ok with this? Sorry bro, we tried, unless you have any ideas?

As for the side song, we had a TIE for the final vote. We've decided we will do both songs, Guile's Theme & What the Forest Taught Me. This means that both songs will be played by smaller groups of our troupe. I know Razgriz has volunteered to arrange the side song, but do you want to do both songs buddy? Does someone want to take one and Raz does the other? The instruments that we use for both songs doesn't have to include the entire band, but I ask that piano be integrated in one (or both) songs so that Omicron can play since he won't get a chance to play on the Fire Emblem song.

Tl;dr Start recording. Everyone records separately. Upload your recording, post link here.


  1. Oooh, okay, that makes sense. It's fine guys, I'm way too busy in these next two weeks anyway. ^_^

    If it makes much difference, I would much prefer to be in Guile's theme, but whatever works best.

    As for other instruments, I took a few months of drum lessons and know a little bit, but I honestly think a midi would sound better.

  2. I'd do the percussion parts myself, but I don't have regular access to a timpani or good snare. Well, maybe the snare, but I might just do it later when I have my drum set back.

    As far as the side songs, I would love to rock the bass line on Guile with my upright. Not sure about the other song. Maybe an easy tenor sax or bassoon part...

  3. Alright guys, i'm back in town
    i'm solid on editing the tracks once they get here
    and i havent forgotten about arranging that one mana song either.

    more on the irc later

  4. Good to hear broski. I'm (hopefully) going to record my part tomorrow, hopefully that gets the ball rolling with other people recording. Someone still needs to volunteer for arranging Guile's Theme. Any takers?