Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Seems like everyone has been busy lately. I hope recording/practicing is going well, and I just wanted to remind everyone of the deadline (If you are "lol wut" about that, read my last postIt's June 4th). Also come to irc, we miss you! :( If you can't irc, just let us know what's up via the blog.


  1. Hey dudes, I'm moving in less than a week and we haven't started packing yet lol, so i'll be busy for a few days. Should have the place to myself for a week or so around the 20th, probably will record then.
    I miss you~

    Your bud,

  2. Do we know any mspaint wizards?
    because this pic should have a logo of some sort, our logo. its just perfect for us

  3. Cool story brosephina. Moving sucks. Let us know how it goes!

    Also Raz I dunno where your comment went, but yeah that picture is definitely us. I'm pretty sure I would orgasm if I was in a room with that many instruments lol.

  4. I'm busy too with life. I might not begin recording until next week.