Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the website and other comments

apologies for the holdup on setting up permissions for the vmusic-oriented website ( http://vmusic.alreadyread.net/ ) i was putting up; unfortunately, setting up the permissions requires something a little more complicated than what i expected at the time and i'm too lazy to bother learning so in the mean time just go ahead and use mediafire or whatever for all your uploads until i get that setup when i'm not busy

for recording, you don't always have to be lined up during the actual recording process, some people do several takes on one recording and cut/split/shift/paste whereever it needs to be lined up during the later stages--for example, if you have two phrases separated by large gaps of rests, just do the second phrase whenever you're ready, and if you fuck it up, just start that phrase over while still recording, edit out the mishap and adjust the timing post-recording--we're playing individually online, not together, so don't get too wrapped up in playing everything all at once

if you don't have a way to combine your separate parts or edit them (if you're still using sndrec32.exe or some basic shit) then don't worry about it, they can be adjusted by anyone of us who might have the programs to do such

TIMING ISSUES (you know who you are...!): your notes should be evened out properly and not have one eighth note shorter or longer than another eighth note WHOOPS EXCUSE ME I MEAN "QUAVER" (ps shut up)--this is excepting of course, when the directions are to play, for example, two eighth notes as a quarternote+eighth note as a tuplet set

also keep in mind that there are posts below this that you should read as well, such as the date reminder

on top of that, my alto sax is in the shop, i ordered a Bb trumpet for cheap, and i have a new bow for my violin so i'm going to be expanding my musical vocabulary by 100%


  1. If you are talking about my eighth notes with the clarinet, my finger slipped on the run adding an extra note essentially, but it was such a very good take and sounds kinda cool so I kept it. If you guys don't like it I can always just record again.

  2. Putting my parts here for now.