Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dat Progress

Good news everyone! Fire Emblem is sounding better than ever. I let my mom listen to it and she just assumed it was me playing over some professional group or something. Special props from my mom to skull, clari and jlu, she loved the violin and clarinet and my mom didn't even know contra-bass existed, she was all like, "why does that tuba sound so different?" Haha, and all thats left is Ein's run and we need a pic related, but overall I think its really, really good guys.

Onto the next performance, something I've been waiting to do for a while: National Park. Tempo on this one is gonna be 100BPM, so set those metronomes and play away. Yes, its gotta be a complete fresh recording, but it'll sound great, just look how fire emblem turned out, trust me. How do we feel about a recording deadline? I think at the LATEST it should be July 5th, which also happens to be my birthday. That should give enough time for our members who actually happen to have a life.

Instrumentation is
  • Clarinet (obviously clari)
  • Flute (his GF.....?)
  • Euphonium (myself)
  • Violin (grog or skull, whichever of you wants to play pretty much)
  • Drum set ( main man jlu, i want that perc track early, makes my editing job so fresh and so clean)

There was also a little talk on the irc about us maybe getting a youtube, I still think its a little early, but when/if we do I'm ok with managing it. I already have a personal youtube myself that I've been experimenting with, but for now i just use a static image. It mite b cool if we all recorded video of ourselves with guy fawkes masks one day, just saiyan. But that's for another time.


  1. Sick update mang. Your mom is boss. Also, my gf is down for recording the flute part.

  2. It helps to able to change the volume electronically, but thanks. Gotta love that woody tone.

    Don't forget that I also have to do the cello part (which I'm doing first).

    Guy Fawkes masks are so old now. We should just choose what we want. Look at the niconico orchestra man. Creativity abounds in masks!

  3. As for Fire Emblem, it sounds fucking awesome. We still need the alto part and trumpet part that Foppy is working on right? Have you heard anything from your trumpet friend Raz?

    Also for Nat. Park are we going to do what we did last time with Fire Emblem - everyone records separately? Will we have a midi to record along with?

    Also also also where did you get that picture of Foppy practicing trumpet? lulz.

  4. Clari, we should do EXACTLY what we did for fire emblem. Everyone record at 100 bpm and i'll gel together no problem. and that pic was from some /e/ thread forever ago

    Jlu, i only say guy cause then we'd represent a side of 4chan people don't even know exists, musicians who love vidya. but i mean, its not set in stone or anything either, you know? just ideas

  5. Am I left out of this one too? Ah well.

    I really like this song, I may just end up learning the entire thing myself. =P

  6. Ughh I think a midi will help keep us all in time. Timing is tricky in this one (as proved by all of us, mostly me though, screwing up last time)

    Also, Omicron :( How is recording "What the Forest Taught Me" coming along? Have you found a piano?

  7. I haven't even had a chance to practice any of it yet. I'll be heading home for a bit next weekend, and hopefully I'll get a chance to.

  8. Clari, if that's what it takes to get a smooth and steady 100BPM then do it bro.

    Omicron, this is way early here, but i know we've been thinking about a zelda piece, and if we did zora's fountain with you on melody and the rest of us on chords, well it mite b cool.

    maybe after natpark and the forest, you know?


    If anyone else wants the midi, here it is. I'm pretty sure it is the right speed.

  10. Grog if you want to do the violin for this, I've been kind of busy lately, going to visit family this week too, so I won't have a chance to play. :c

  11. Awww but you did such a good job last time! (Unlike me, herp derp)