Tuesday, June 28, 2011

fire emblem sax part done

screw my ethics teacher in the goat ass (she really is a goat and an ass at the same time)

also, here is my sax part, it's not perfect, but which part of the recording is

(i admit that i jluvial'd it up and did only a couple takes and copy-pasta'd the rest)

i do not think it is synchronized in the way that you can just import it into your project workspace (it's synchronized to the midi delay for timing tests instead), as in you have to synchronize it manually, but at least it's only asking you to shift the entire track, not segments of it

furtheremore, here is a harp+piano file with a boost in volume so it is more audible, otherwise, it is pretty much the same recording as before

no trumpet yet but if you can find someone else in the meantime while i figure it out then i'm not worried about it

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  1. Are you going to work the alto part into your WIP Raz? Don't make it too loud, just let it blend in with the brass.