Thursday, June 30, 2011

New guys and New Songs

Finally, trumpets! and enthusiastic ones at that.

We've already got 2 new side songs on the way, Both the Song of Storms from Zelda and the Pokemon Center. The more vidya music the better, amirite? If anyone has any feasible ideas/dream songs, let us know, lets try to play as much as we can
People actually FINISH recordings. I'm not naming any names, and i realize you guys actually have a life unlike myself, but still, lets try to finish what we start, you know?


  1. I know we have to do our recordings for National Park. We are doing them tomorrow. :3

  2. >no bass part on Song of Storms

    Really. FUCKING REALLY?!

    Fuck off man. I'll do it when I want to.

  3. Someone is grumpy!

    We had a conversation about this and you were there. You said you were probably going to add a light drum improv part over song of storms. Which doesn't need sheet music. If you really want something to do, you have the cello and drum part for nation park to do.

    Also, the deadline for National Park parts was supposed to be today, so really you can't do it when you want to lol. DO IT NOW! :3