Saturday, June 11, 2011

Those of you with loads of free time. . .

My bud has been wanting to play Hikari "Simple and Clean", from Kingdom Hearts in an ensemble for a few years. I was thinking maybe some of y'all could help us out.
He has a score for a big band, but I'd probably reduce it since we don't have all the instruments needed.
This isn't really related to the vmusic troupe or anything, just kind of another side project.
If any of you guys are interested let me know, and I'll send you some sheet music.
Thanks guys!

-SkullKid :3


  1. oh sweet! my friend still has to get his FLUTE from his hometown, so it'd be a couple weeks before we can get the ball rollin', but here is some sheet music:

    Gonna see who all is on board and see about rearranging it to suit our needs.

  2. I was just about to post that asshole.

    Also you confused me when you said big band. I was expecting a jazz big band, not a concert band. So no bass part for me. ;_;

    We actually might be able to cover everything. Maybe.

  3. haha, you guys r da best!
    Don't worry about the bass stuff, I'm sure we can figure something out :3

  4. i got a boner ready to play some light