Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Week in Review

Ok, let's get back on track here. A lot has happened this week, mainly:

1) Everyone has done really well in recording and meeting the deadline for Fire Emblem, and Raz is in the process of editing it. All we need now is a trumpet part and a small part of Ein's that he still has to record.

2) Serperior got his ass fired because he did not meet the deadline for Fire Emblem (See: Penis Recorder).

3) Since we have finished our main song, it is time to move on to a new one! Suggestions? A few people have suggested that since we now have a bigger more experienced band we should try Clanker's Cavern finally. Thoughts?

- We are still planning on doing side songs while we record the main song. Raz has made a note about that in a post below. Stay tuned for further updates and possible sheet music!
- We need a trumpet player now since we dumped Serperior. Raz has suggested his friend might be able to record the Fire Emblem part, and Foppy has bought a trumpet to learn. Someway or another we'll get it done.


  1. I still suggest The Promised Land from Advent Children, but its' only for Stringz, so I guess it would be a better side song.


  2. I kinda want to do some Katamari Damacy: Cherry Blossom Color Season. I think every instrument would have a part, even piano and strings, and it isn't that hard of a song. Plus it sounds good.


    Either that or we need to do a jazz version of a song. Or something with a nice piano part with the band over top of it.

  3. That said I'm pretty much down for anything as long as everyone gets a part. Is that realistic?