Saturday, June 25, 2011

What do you think?

So I was listening to the 100bpm midi for National Park, and I was really wondering why it sounded so different (and better) from what we recorded. Timing issues aside, I concluded that in the midi the cello used a bow and didn't staccato. I know that in our version it was written that both the violin and the cello were originally supposed to staccato, and then the violin was changed to bow since it was easier. What I am thinking is that maybe the cello should bow too. It gives a nice solid base foundation in harmony for the other instruments to play off of. I dunno, to me the staccato just sounds kinda hollow. Is it easier to bow the cello part Jluvial? Does anyone else agree with me? Either both stringed instruments should bow or staccato, not have opposites. It just clashes I think.

The midi just sounds so warm and nice with those bowed cello notes. Just saying :3
What do I know though, I play a penis instrument lol.

Also included: A picture of Ein during happier times. Enjoy.


  1. not about national park (since i'm not on that redeux anyway), but by the end of this week i should have the sax part recorded for fire emblem theme, all things going as planned at least--i've done quite a few dry runs as well as wet runs, and i also figured i'd make a couple small additions that i doubt anyone would mind

    if the trumpet part is still desired more expediantly so then i won't be offended if you call someone else to go for it in the mean time as i don't expect to have that done this week or next

  2. shit when did i get blond hair

    oh fuck i still have to record that run i'll get to that sometime soon I SWEAR

  3. Sure, it shouldn't be too hard. I suppose I can do some Fp's with the long notes. Should I pizz. in the B section?

  4. Bow the whole thing, and the B section. It adds a nice beefy section to support the violin, clarinet and flute while they pizz/staccato.

  5. Its better to have a sustained bass pitch, makes the song sound full and rich, know what i'm sayin?

  6. IT ALL MAKES SENSE MAN. Also, I'm sorry I can't record pretty songs with you. I wish my parents didn't live so far away, so it wouldn't be a huge deal when I want to visit.
    Oh well