Sunday, June 12, 2011

What the Forest Taught Me

Omicron, how would you like to do the Secret of Mana song with me?

and Clari, i turned the clarinet up, hope you like it


  1. 2 things:

    1) Is the bass recording part of that edit?
    2) Are we still going to add the percussion and timpani midi to the recording?

  2. No i actually missed that Jluvial posted the contrabass, we really need a better system than this commenting thing, but oh well.

    I don't know how he wants to add the perc/timpani, but i figure i could give him the auf file from audacity, if it helps

    maybe if i somehow had the tracks i could mix them in myself just like everyone elses, i did my best editing out little time discrepancies to where it pretty much sounds as on time as if we were all together.

    its an idea

  3. Update, I recorded my part

    What can i say, i like to get my shit done.

  4. That sounds pretty cool, I suppose. Doesn't look like it would take that long. With the way things are going right now in my life, getting access to a good piano for practice or for recording might be a hassle, but I think I can pull it off.


    Here's my part then.

    I thought that was supposed to be tenor sax?

  6. Oh shit nigga what is going on here.

  7. We don't have a tenor on hand in the group, so clari and foppy volunteered me to do it.

    I was a little worried about the 4 ledger line high C, but it only took a couple tries to get it to sing on command

  8. Hey Raz, question. What octaves should I be playing this in? My treble sounds like it should be higher, comparing it to the actual song, and there's some parts where left hand and right hand overlap and play the same note...

  9. hm, i'm really sorry about the hand positioning, you can always tell when a non-pianist writes piano music by having messed up fingerings and such lol.

    I was under the impression that it was mid range treble stuff, but I also think listening back to the original song is important too. Play that treble up, it'll most likely sound perfectly fine.

  10. So...bad news. I had a little window to record, but I failed on getting to that window in time. I played enough to practice the part and get it down, but had to head back to the University before I got a chance to record. It might be another two weeks...

    I want you guys to know that when I joined the group, I wasn't expecting this to be a problem. I have a piano at home, and generally several great ones available at the University, but over the summer they don't have any available here, really. In a few weeks, none of this will be a problem.

  11. It's ok bro, just record when you can. We call them side songs for a reason lol.