Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot stuff coming through

We did a lot of recordings today! I hope they please! (Note the volume levels are high on all the songs, I thought this would be helpful for editing)

Side Songs
Pokemon Center
Song of Storms

National Park

I hope these are all the right speed this time, and we will be willing to redo anything if need be!


  1. Ok, song of storms was PERFECT nothing wrong
    the other two, however, not so much. Clari, simply put, you like to drag. one reason may be you don't anticipate the beat, another may be relatively awkward fingerings making 8th notes inconsistent, yet another reason i know for sure you're doing is you don't "play the rests and sustain pitches"

    Kinda like, you turn your brain off a little every time you rest or even hold out a pitch for more than a beat and a half. You gotta keep your head focused and the beat internalized bro

    Now, not to say that i'm perfect, I actually have the opposite problem: I tend to rush the shit out of everything I play. I anticipate the beat TOO much and note fingerings are so easy to me i blow through them too fast.

    Pretty much we both have to try harder at subdividing the beat at all times while playing bro. Funnily enough, your girl man. She beats us both, at least for the first section before the euphonium part starts in nat park she was ON TIME ERRY TIME. But when the euph part comes in she also holds notes out too long a little bit too, but overall she was nothing to fix. Its important to terminate the note, stopping it on time is just as important as starting it on time, amirite?

    Lets see, Clari you gotta watch your intonation in the upper register, your GF sounds good up there but her interval jumps aren't quite on time yet, so there were some times I silences her and some times i silenced you too.

    Now i know it all of that may come off as us all being horrible people, but i'm happy to say that with my low to mid tier editing skills, everything sounds pretty good, you don't have to rerecord, unless that is you really wanna take another try. Take a listen to the works in progress yourself.

    If i had ONE wish, it'd be that in nat park you two would hold your notes out and connect each other's phrases, you know? but it only sounds like dead space now cause we don't have any bass, so maybe it'll work out for the better
    Song of Storms -
    National Park -

  2. Yeah I have to work on sustaining shit and intonation. You work wonders with the editing though! I'm happy with everything. At least National Park is turning out better than last time.

    My gf wants to say somethings too:

    Hi! First of all, I want to tell you that your vibrato is SUPERB. Also, I want to compliment you on your editing skills! It sounds great, especially Song of Storms. I agree with all of your comments as well. Ideally we wanted to record our two parts together to help with the timing, but it is hard to get balanced with one mic. Me not cutting off is trying to suppress my vibrato, but since you brought yours out...Well done on all counts everyone! :)

  3. yea man everything is really coming together. Exiting stuff! and to the ladyfriend: I learned my vibrato by copying flutes! I heard my band director yelling VIBRATO FLUTES USE VIBRATO and when they did, the music sounded even better, so i was all like, there's no way that won't work for me too lol

    Thanks both of you for the editing props, i try, i try