Sunday, August 28, 2011

what the forest taught me

razgriz, i need sheet music for piano part, the mediafire expired

otherwise, i will just end up making my own stuff

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Time to go big or go home

Its the end of the summer, months of time, but we're still hung up on old projects. We're never gonna get anywhere if we don't finish what we start. I believe actions speak louder than words, and if you can't have your recordings in by the month's end you're saying you wanna get kicked. And thats ok of course, we'll be happy to oblige. A couple guys and I were talking on irc, and for us vidya music is serious business. If we don't take this seriously, we're not gonna get anywhere, you know? Who wants to sit idly by for months doing nothing? So if you're serious, get the tracks in and lets have an amazing time all in the love of vidya music. But if its not your thing, we won't hold it against you. Just please find someone else's time to waste, will ya?
Thanks bros

p.s. please please please don't make the mistake of assuming this is passively directed at any individual. If i were to not have my stuff in by months end i'd want to get kicked too. Deadlines are important for everyone, its the only way to make it happen, amirite?