Sunday, September 25, 2011

update again

news 25 sept

-i'm very busy
-"wind's nocturne" arrangement is 25% complete and features a soft brass, duet piano (for now) and clarinet

(copied from older post)

better known to the internet public as shii's song, the original was from a lunar game and performed by jenny stigile

the arrangement in plan right now is:

me- piano
razgriz- euph or ein- trombone (it will work with either, but euph is more easier to blend in)
clarinetbro- clarinet

if i feel like it, i might put in some extra instrumentation but this is it for now

this is being done inbetween school work so don't expect it to be done right out quick but i do have plenty of the melody line done in a basic style, though i do want to get the pitchbends in and fine-tune the timing

we do still want a trumpeteer to play the last part of the fire emblem song
we're throwing away national park for now
i still need to record the piano part for what the forest gump taught us

since we lost a few members due to, uh, pretty much abandonment, um...yeah. hopefully this makes it a little easier to finetune the quality of the recordings

Thursday, September 1, 2011

parting is such sweet skaaro

unfortunately we lost two soldiers in battle recently

jluvial and iamevn got killed in action while trying to defuse an onion ring bomb

this means they will not be around anymore to help us with musical performances

though they were exterrrrminated on the battlefield they will be in our hearts forever

>implying they are really in our hearts